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Pascal Introduces Power Scalability With S-PRO Amplifier Extension Modules

Provides a range of new cost-effective power configurations for self-powered loudspeakers and multi-channel amplifier applications

Pascal has announced the launch of two new extension modules for its S-PRO2 power amplifier module, with immediate availability: the 2 x 500 watt S-A2 and 1x 500 watt S-A1.

The new boards enable a range of new cost-effective power configurations for self-powered loudspeakers and multi-channel amplifier applications.

The S-A2 and S-A1 extension modules function as additional identical amplifier output channels for the S-PRO2, powered by the S-PRO2 power supply.

The new modules incorporate proprietary UMAC class-D technology for high signal-to-noise, low distortion and exemplary frequency response. In addition, Pascal UREC power supply technology and PFC functionality provide universal mains and regulation for worldwide AC mains compatibility and consistent power performance.

With the new extension modules, the S-PRO Series now offers a wide range of scalable power rating and output channel configurations for OEM self-powered and other integrated amplification applications, specifically: sound reinforcement and portable PA loudspeakers, studio monitors, installation distributed 19-inch rack amplifiers, and home theater amplification.

Typical applications for the new extension boards are for loudspeakers with 2 or 3-way power configurations, as well as deploying the S-PRO2 in bridged configuration with the addition of an S-A1 or S-A2 module to provide either 500 or 1m000 watts to the LF section.

Further, self-powered studio monitors, the addition of an S-A1 or S-A2 module to a bridged S-PRO2 configuration will provide either 3x or 4x 500 watts per channel. In distributed 19-inch rack and home entertainment rack systems, a single S-PRO2 + S-A2 configuration will provide 4 channel (250 – 500 watt) outputs (at 8 ohm—4 ohm load), or 8-channel outputs with a dual S-PRO2 + S-A2 configuration.

“We were the first to introduce the world smallest 1,000-watt amplifier module with the S-PRO2, which is today an acknowledged blockbuster in the pro audio market,” states Pascal sales director Peter Frentz. “With the new S-A2 and S-A1 extension boards, we bring a new level of competitive advantage to our customers, in performance, price and time to market.”

Based in Denmark, Pascal is an OEM manufacturer of power amplifier modules for the professional audio industry.


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