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Outline Releases OpenArray2

Prediction and simulation software now offers multiple selection and dragging, creation of multiple surfaces from a section view and more.

Outline has just released the new version of its (free) simulation software: OpenArray2.

This fundamental tool predicts the results expected from either live performances or installations involving Outline’s wide range of loudspeaker systems (line arrays, subwoofers and point source systems), enabling users to cover every position in a listening space with even the most unusual configuration, is in fact a software package consisting of just a single installation file requiring a Windows 64-bit OS.

OpenArray2 employs a proprietary calculation technique that accelerates the calculation process and maintains prediction accuracy with simulations are accomplished in seconds.

While maintaining the previous version’s fast calculation speed, rendering time and operating stability, OpenArray2 puts numerous additional functions at PA system engineers’ and sound designers’ disposal.

These include multiple selection and dragging, enabling multiple objects to be selected rapidly, the possibility of creating complex solids very quickly, extruding solids from flat surfaces, create multiple surfaces from a section view (useful when designing balconies, tiers and corners in sport arenas), and much more.

When line arrays are to be deployed, it is now possible to obtain a 2D simulation on the array’s plane. The microphone function now allows to choose multiple measurement points and show multiple frequency responses in the same graph.

OpenArray2’s new features and user-friendly GUI streamline technicians’ work even further and a handy utility is at their disposal to convert their OpenArray1 projects to OpenArray2.


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