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Outline Point-Source Systems Rock The Netherlands

Audio van Hooidonk rental firm doubles its “Doppia” system after a year of satisfaction

Leiden NL based Audio van Hooidonk, one of the country’s more rental firms,recently took delivery of yet another Outline Doppia II 9075 + DBS 18-2 set.

One year after company owner Mr. Anton van Hooidonk heard a demo of the Doppia loudspeakers at The Audio Specialists headquarters and purchased the point-source loudspeakers, they ordered a second system.

“When I heard this PA for the first time, I could not believe that such small, lightweight cabinets were able to produce such a large amount of SPL without any compromise in headroom and fidelity,” explain van Hooidonk. “Now, having worked for a year with our first Outline rig, we wanted all our gigs to experience the same quality so a second PA was ordered.”

The new system consists of four Doppia II 9075 loudspeakers and four DBS 18-2 subwoofers. All are driven by Outline’s T-Series amps, while signal processing is handled by an Outline Genius 24.

The Doppia cabinet features a power:size ratio that is unique in the point-source system scenario. It has a volume of just 0.25 m3 and weighs 55 kg, in spite of its four large-diameter components and the sturdy fiberglass waveguides loading the mid-high frequencies (LF 2 x 12” – MF 1 x 10” – HF 1 x 3”). It has a peak SPL of 139 dB @ 1 meter with a frequency response ranging from 61 Hz to 19.7 kHz.

Outline’s innovative “Decoupled Baffle Subwoofer” assembly is integral to the DBS 18-2 design. This technique contributes to the structural integrity of the entire cabinet, as well as reducing resonance (and thus unwanted coloration) and air turbulence noise from the reflex ports (143 dB SPL peak at 1 meter).

Axel Nagtegaal, owner of The Audio Specialists (Outline’s distributor for Benelux and Germany), concludes: “The market demand for conventional FOH point-sources is still very high here, but a system has to be exceptionally good.

“It also needs to be flexible in set-up yet lightweight as well. Outline does just that, which has resulted in the huge success since we started distribution at the end of 2011. We wish Anton and his crew a lot of satisfaction with their latest investment.”



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