Outline Debuting New iMODE Processor With New Finite Impulse Response Filtering Technology

New iP24 processor's WFIR filtering technology based on same principle as human hearing

Advancing its proprietary iMODE processing platform, Outline is introducing the new iP24, a multi-purpose 2-input/4-output DSP loudspeaker controller in a single-rack space-design, at this week’s InfoComm 2014 show in Las Vegas (booth C12128).

The iP24 incorporates WFIR (Warped Frequency Finite Impulse Response) filtering technology, based on the same principle as human hearing, which distributes frequency resolution over a semi-logarithmic scale and produces a more natural auditory response.

All onboard audio I/O can run either analog or digital, and connection via standard Ethernet allows total system control via PC web browser, as well as iPhone / iPad and Mac OS X. Four general purpose connections (2 x GPI and 2 x GPO) and an RS-485 interface are also available to allow integration of third-party systems (such as voice evacuation) as well as power control, mute and fault notification to the external monitoring system.

“The overwhelming success of the iMode experience within our own range of self-powered loudspeakers led to developing something that enabled its features to also be used by systems not equipped with iMode. Its form factor of two inputs and four outputs, all available in both analogue and digital (AES/EBU) versions, makes for easy integration in both new and retrofit applications,” states Daniele Pagani of Outline’s R&D department and leader of the iMode project.

“As well as the already acknowledged superior audio quality of the iMode system, we also considered its deployment in multi-market integration applications,” he continues. “Accordingly we have fitted the iP24 with an RS-485 interface, to control older equipment, as well as GPIO ports, which can be programmed as required. Processing based on warping frequency technologies responds to users’ different filtering requirements – from the quantity and quality of the filters to the control of a system in groups.”

Tom Bensen, vice president and director of operations for Outline North America, adds: “iP24 is the next step in the exploitation of the iMODE platform, that now allows this cutting edge technology to be shared by both self-powered and passive systems. We responded quickly to our client and market demand to take iMODE beyond the realm of our self-powered products and make it available to any loudspeaker we have manufactured or will manufacture in the future.”

Outline is also presenting multiple new loudspeaker products at this year’s show, including new models joining the EIDOS range: X123W, the 6.5 and the 12 SP.

Also new is FRM-GTO-LW lightweight (110 pounds) flybar for the recently introduced GTO C-12 and existing GTO 15 line array systems, which allows up to 12 and 9 elements, respectively, to be flown from a single 1-ton motor. It can also serve as a ground-stack base on occasions when flying is not possible.

Finally, the FASTQC-LS loudspeaker test device allows instant analysis of multiple-element loudspeaker systems, flagging up on electric faults such as broken connections, open-circuit coil,  etc. Self-powered by an internal cell, this testing device is a valuable addition to any pro audio toolbox.


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