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Outline Adds The Sound To “Ashdod Lights” In Israel

Pro audio company Gidron Levitran equips five locations of AV art installations with sound reinforcement systems incorporating STADIA loudspeakers and more.
One of the five "Ashdod Lights" AV exhibitions in Israel outfitted with a range of Outline loudspeakers and subwoofers.

The city of Ashdod, one of Israel’s largest international cruise and cargo ports, recently launched “Ashdod Lights,” a tour where visitors can walk to five locations of AV art installations that utilize sound reinforcement systems incorporating Outline loudspeakers and subwoofers.

The tour includes AV elements such as video art projections on buildings and water screens, projection mapping, lighting and laser effects and holograms. Tel Aviv-headquartered pro audio company Gidron Levitan, Outline’s distributor in Israel, was commissioned to provide the audio systems for the high-profile project.

“It was for crystal-clear powerful sound covering large areas from loudspeakers which had to be weatherproof, as all five installations are outdoors,” states company owner and sound engineer Eytan Gidron. “I therefore immediately suggested Outline STADIA speakers to the audio consultant, as each Stadia 100 is actually four line array elements in one box, specifically designed for this type of application, thanks also to unbeatable weather resistance.”

For the projection mapping on the facade of the Ashdod municipality building, six STADIA 100 and six custom weather-proof DBS 18-2 subwoofers are installed, as well as six OutSIDE-coated VEGAS 12 CX as surround lloudspeakers.

The city’s Art Museum is a glass-roofed pyramid hosting contemporary Israeli and international art in its numerous galleries and halls, including the Green Submarine gallery, dedicated to works of environmental art made from recycled materials. In the Museum’s entrance area, four STADIA 28, three STSUB-215 and six VEGAS 8 CX surround loudspeakers are deployed.

Sound at the laser show at the nearby Pisgah is courtesy of four STADIA 100 and three custom weatherproof Outline’s SUB 218 subwoofers. The video projections on a water screen at the Ashdod Sea Park have an even greater impact thanks to two STADIA 100 and four custom weather-proof DBS 18-2 subwoofers.

At Sea Fort, which hosts video projections on the remains of a Roman fortress located on the Mediterranean coast, with a spectacular 12-minute video narrating the story of Ashdod from ancient times, the soundtrack is delivered via four of Outline’s ARENA 215 CX, two STSUB-215 and four OutSIDE-coated VEGAS 12 CX on surround chores.

Outline’s proprietary OutSIDE weatherproof three-layer elastoplastic coating material ensures IP55 protection, resulting in systems that are designed to be impervious to weather conditions and therefore are well suited for this type of application.

Gidron concludes, “When my technical support specialist Nadav Yarkoni visited all five locations for the audio routing and fine tuning audio he said all five had great sound quality and consultant Amir Etkin also said he too was very happy with the Outline systems’ sound quality.”

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