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Oregon Convention Center Comes Through Loud And Clear With Community

Nearly 200 Community Professional R.5-66T ceiling speakers throughout the venue

The Oregon Convention Center in Portland now features one of the most technically advanced audio and video infrastructures of any facility of its type.

Fiber optics connect the center’s one million square feet of space, with sophisticated digital signal processing enabling the area’s audio system to be divided in nearly endless combinations and configurations to accommodate nearly every conceivable event.

Beaverton-based CompView has overseen the latest phase in a renovation and redesign of the OCC that began more than 15 years ago, including nearly 200 Community Professional R.5-66T ceiling speakers throughout the venue.

Audio can be zoned and configured via Biamp AudiaFLEX DSP, accessible from anywhere in the building via the AV staff’s wireless laptops.

As CompView’s Erin Shannon explains, the Community R-Series was ideally suited to the OCC’s wide open spaces.

“The hall’s high ceilings required a medium-throw solution that could deliver the pattern control needed to allow multiple zones throughout the different exhibit halls,” Shannon says. “The Biamp DSP allows us to configure volume and delay settings all the way down to groups of four speakers, and the R-Series provided us with the pattern control to accommodate that degree of configurability.”

Shannon adds that the R-Series can be mounted vertically, another essential aspect of this installation. “The old speakers were not meant to be mounted vertically; they actually had a driver fall out of one speaker. And the R.5 speakers virtually disappeared once they were mounted in the ceiling, which was great from an aesthetic perspective.”
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