Optocore Providing Digital Connectivity For Fohhn Audio Linea Focus Loudspeakers

Optocore has entered into an agreement with fellow German manufacturer Fohhn Audio to provide multi-channel digital connectivity to its Linea Focus electronically steerable loudspeakers.

Fohhn public relations & marketing manager Daniela Bohl states, “We were looking for a solution to provide our speaker systems with a digital signal and control data; up to now we only had an analog solution. We chose Optocore because they are the pioneers of that technology and there is a perfect fit between our two companies, as we are both innovation-driven and German-based.”

In order to provide integration onto Optocore networks, the fiber specialists have created a special card, while Fohhn has developed a purpose enclosure that can be attached Linea Focus loudspeakers to provide optional input extensions.

This will enable digital audio and control data to be distributed simultaneously, either via Cat-5 or optical fiber. “These Optocore extensions will provide excellent audio quality, entire control of the speaker and facilitate reliable and redundant digital audio network,” notes Bohl.

Applications engineering manager Maciek Janiszewski, who headed the project for Optocore, states that the cards will come in fiber Optocore FX and Cat-5 SANE TP versions.

“Each card will provide two outputs to feed loudspeakers with two independent audio signals, RS485 port for control and GPIO. All these signals can be transported on single-fiber or Cat-5 cable,” Janiszewski explains. “The Fibre FX version enables all speakers to operate on an Optocore fiber ring in conjunction with all other devices from the Optocore portfolio — as well as third party products with an Optocore interface. The distance between loudspeakers can be up to 120 km.”

The Cat-5 SANE TP version can function as a local extension to the fiber node enabling users to build local daisy chains — with 100-meter distance between the loudspeakers. “This card adds huge flexibility to the Fohhn solutions, simplifies cabling and adds quality by reducing signal losses over coax,” Janiszewski adds. “Both companies will benefit from this cooperation: Optocore will raise its profile in the installed sound sector, especially in transportation hubs (large scale PA systems in railway stations and airports), while Fohhn will be able to offer the best signal transport solution as well as distributed routing and redundancy.”

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