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Four new models have joined the Cuboid series of loudspeakers from Optimal Audio.

Optimal Audio Extends Cuboid Loudspeaker Series

Four new models, offered in black or white as standard and designed for distributed applications, offer an IP54 rating and are available in transformer versions.

Optimal Audio has announced the extension of its Cuboid lineup of loudspeakers with the introduction of four new models — Cuboid 3, Cuboid 3TX, Cuboid 5 and Cuboid 5TX — all available in black or white as standard.

All four are two-way, full-range models in a compact form factor and are primarily designed for distributed applications in supporting background music and speech reproduction. They can be fixed in either portrait or landscape orientation for added flexibility, and a weatherproof terminal cover is available as an accessory for outdoor use, bringing the rating to IP54.

Cuboid 3 is outfitted with a 3.5-inch low-frequency driver joined by a 0.5-inch PEI dome high-frequency driver working with a shallow waveguide while Cuboid 5 incorporates a 5.25-inch LF driver and a 0.75-inch dome high-frequency driver and the waveguide.

Both are available in transformer versions (“XT”) to run 70- and 100-volt taps or at low impedance. Tap selection is via a rotary switch on the rear of the cabinet.

The new Cuboid additions will start to ship in APAC from November, EMEA from December, and the Americas in the new year.

Managing director Dom Harter states, “We’re delighted to extend the popular Cuboid series — these new additions open the brand to additional indoor and outdoor applications with sound quality that will delight. When coupled with the Zone series and the WebApp, setting up a system and end-user control is then also simple and intuitive.”

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