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One Systems Presents OPALine Vertical Line Array System For Live Sound Or Installation

One Systems is exhibiting its new On Point Audio branded OPALine powered 3-way vertical line array system in Hall 8, Booth 6796 at NAMM.

One Systems is exhibiting its new On Point Audio branded OPALine powered 3-way vertical line array system in Hall 8, Booth 6796 at NAMM.

The OPALine system delivers very high performance sound for both portable and fixed installation applications.

“The OPALine’s unique combination of gorgeous, intelligible sound, high output capability, incredible flexibility, simple setup and undeniable value is simply unmatched.” says One Systems President Doug MacCallum. “Our dealers and customers will be thrilled by this competitively unique, product.”

OPALine consists of the OPALine single box vertical array loudspeaker featuring 4 x 8-inch woofers and two powerful compression drivers driving its line array waveguides and the OPALine Sub 18-inch powered subwoofer. The OPALine Sub also houses the system’s dual channel 2,000-watt peak, European-designed amplifier that powers both speakers.

OPALine’s vertical transducer configuration provides wide 90-degree horizontal dispersion and a precise 40-degree vertical pattern that delivers excellent intelligibility in reverberant spaces by maximizing direct sound.

The 4 x NP8 woofers have the same acoustical radiating area as standard 8-inch cones, but are only 6.8 inches in diameter. Its two HF waveguides operate in parallel from 1,000 to 2,500 Hz, but the lower guide is frequency-shaded above that frequency to maintain coverage beamwidth. The OPALine vertical line array loudspeaker can also be used stand-alone as a standard passive loudspeaker.

The OPALine Sub features a powerful 18-inch woofer with a 4-inch voice coil. The Sub houses the system’s powerful amplifier and processing electronics inside its tour-grade 18 mm marine plywood enclosure. The OPALine Sub also features a strong dual-pole suspension system for elevating the OPALine for portable setups. The OPALine Sub includes two speaker poles and rear-mounted casters.

OPALine is perfect for live sound or installation use. The system can be ground-stacked using its built-in M20 screw-on dual pole mount system or flown for installations or production thanks to multiple suspension points using optionally available eyebolt kits or On Point Audio’s PTB pan and tilt bracket.

The PTB bracket enables mechanical steering of the array’s output up to 35 degrees horizontally and vertically in 5-degree increments. There is also an optional kit that covers its handles for a more professional look when the system is installed.

OPALine is easy to hook up and use because there are no processor settings to deal with or complicated aiming necessary.  It is an ideal choice for a plethora of applications that need the wide dispersion and precise vocal reproduction that a column line array provides.

With its unique combination of sound quality, high output capability, use flexibility and high-value pricing, it is the perfect choice for houses of worship, clubs, restaurants, schools and other venues that want premium-quality, highly intelligible audio for live sound in a visually unobtrusive package.

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