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One Systems Introduces CrossField Array-2

One Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of high intelligibility direct-weather capable speaker systems, has announced the new CrossField Array-2 (CFA-2), which delivers a unique combination of very high acoustic output and superior sound quality.

The CFA-2 is a 55-degree x 30-degree vertical array that features a fully rotatable high-frequency waveguide that enables the system to be oriented vertically or horizontally for installation flexibility, while still achieving optimum coverage. Its transducer compliment consists of two large-format compression drivers coupled to a single horn and four bandwidth-optimized 10-inch woofers that are arranged in a 2 x 2 configuration.

Thanks to the CFA-2’s prodigious 1,200 watts continuous, 4,800 watts peak power handling and its high 104 dB (1 watt / 1 meter) sensitivity, the system is capable of nearly 135 dB continuous output at 1 meter (3.3 feet). The CFA-2’s ~ 141 dB max output capability means that it is capable of projecting highly intelligible, wide range sound from one end of an outdoor sports facility to cover seating areas on the opposite side.

Typical applications for the CFA-2 include football / soccer fields, large theme parks and other entertainment venues outdoors, or for use indoors in basketball / sports arenas or other high ambient noise environments where high output, long-throw projection and high intelligibility are required.

The CFA-2’s enclosure is made of laminated fiberglass and is equipped with 9 x M10 inserts for rigging. The inserts are supported with an internal metal substructure that ensures high >8:1 safety factor. A variety of optional suspension accessories are available including eyebolts, a U-Bracket, a pan / tilt bracket and a pole mount system. The system’s ingress protection / weather rating is IP 56.

The CrossField Array-2 is equipped with an internal 600-watt autoformer that enables the speaker to be powered as a low-impedance (4 ohm) system or as a high-impedance (70.7 volt – 100 volt) system. The built-in autoformer has taps at 600 watts, 300 watts and 150 watts for maximum flexibility and has easy to use internal jumpers that enable quick configuration. The CrossField Array-2’s enclosure is comparatively small for a speaker with its performance capabilities – only 876.5 x 572.6 x 446.3 mm (34.5 x 22.5 x 17.6 in).

“One Systems continues to gain broader acceptance with customers and venues the world over due to our incredible sound quality, high output capability, product flexibility and being able to handle outdoor and indoor installations in weather conditions all over the world. The CFA-2’s beautiful sound, high output capability, compact size and flexible features make it another valuable addition to our product line,” says Doug MacCallum, president of One Systems, Inc.

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