One Systems Debuts OPA-5 Compact Loudspeaker

One Systems, Inc. has announced the debut of the OPA-5 high performance, ultra-compact coaxial 5.25-inch two-way loudspeaker.

“The OPA-5 joins the On Point Audio brand of loudspeakers,” explains Doug MacCallum, president of One Systems. “Although extremely compact, it provides exceptionally high output, making it ideal for discreet, indoor applications.” 

Designed to provide superior intelligibility and fidelity for permanent installations, the OPA-5 features a 90-degree conical, high-frequency horn radiation pattern that allows for wide coverage in near field applications. The enclosure – a mere 8 x 6 x 7.1 inches – is loaded with a single coaxial 5.25-inch woofer and pure titanium true compression driver.

The OPA-5 is user configurable to allow for either low impedance (8 ohm) or high impedance operation. The loudspeaker may be used in either 70Vrms or 100Vrms mode in the high impedance configuration. Multiple M8 rigging points and an available U bracket allow flexibility in placement. 

One Systems, Inc.

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