One Systems Announces Multiple Enhancements To Product Line

Nashville-based One Systems has announced multiple product enhancements that will be incorporated into the brand product line over the balance of 2015.

“We take considerable pride in providing the industry with the very best direct weather loudspeaker products available,” explains Doug MacCallum, president of One Systems.

“Until recently, this meant providing multiple versions of products in order to meet systems integrators’ specific needs. Fortunately, recent advancements in materials and new investment in high-technology production equipment make it possible for us to enhance our core products in a way that allows us to meet these needs, while cutting back on the number of product variants offered.”

One Systems standard line of weatherproof models currently feature 304-grade stainless steel with 304-grade stainless steel mounting hardware (available in black or white) and are available in low-impedance and high-impedance models (70v and 100v).

Most One Systems models have also been available in marine-grade versions, which are made of 316-grade stainless steel – a material more resistant to the ill effects of salt water – and come with 316-grade stainless steel mounting hardware.

“As production of One System products move forward, our direct weather loudspeakers will be made using 304-grade stainless steel grilles that are covered in a new polyester based final coating that protects stainless steel like marine-grade stainless,” says MacCallum. “This translates into products capable of withstanding the level of moisture and corrosion that was in the past only associated with higher grade marine versions of each product.”

In addition, all hanging hardware will now be manufactured only in 316-grade stainless, ensuring that all One Systems HYBRID models can be installed in any outdoors venues in the world. An additional design enhancement includes internal autoformers that allow system integrators to select between 4-ohm/8-ohm (depending upon the model) or wire to 70 volt or 100 volt, depending on the venue requirements.

“These improvements mean that we can focus more on production and stock levels of all models,” MacCallum adds. “It will simplify the ordering process for our dealers and distributors, yet provide the best level of corrosion fighting materials, along with superior sonic qualities.”

MacCallum concludes, “We are the only company in the industry offering this kind of solution now. These enhancements, along with our already great sounding, highly intelligible loudspeakers, allow our products to be used anywhere outdoors, and in many critical indoor venues as well.”

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