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Ocean Way Audio Debuts New Pro3 Reference Monitor

Diminutive footprint makes it well-suited for home, project and commercial studios as well as in professional facilities where optimal performance is required and space is at a premium.
New Pro3 active compact monitors from Ocean Way Audio.

Ocean Way Audio has announced the new Pro3, the latest addition to the company’s high-resolution monitor line with a diminutive footprint that makes it well-suited for home, project and commercial recording studios as well as in professional broadcast and post facilities where optimal performance is required and space is at a premium.

The new two-way active design is stated to provide a frequency response of 45 Hz to 20 kHz and 110 dB maximum SPL between channels. In addition, the frequency response of each Pro3 monitor is stated to fall within ±0.5 dB of one another.

“We’re excited about the launch of Pro3 and the positive impact it will have within the music production community — not just for engineers and producers, but music creators,” states Allen Sides, founder and CEO of Ocean Way Audio. “The Pro3 is an invaluable tool for anyone looking for a clear, truthful representation of their mix. Once you have created something that sounds great, these little monitors will deliver an unmatched degree of detail and punchiness, with a low frequency response that belies their size.”

The cabinet is designed to help achieve accurate time alignment by reducing baffle reflections, and it also incorporates materials designed to minimize low-frequency resonance. The port on the Pro3 is intended to optimize the woofer’s low frequency extension while adding to the loudspeaker’s overall sound pressure level capacity.

Meanwhile, the HF driver on incorporates a high definition, silk fabric dome design stated to provide high acoustic linearity. The LF driver uses a geometrically reinforced aluminum cone with a vented cast aluminum chassis that’s intended to help it be able to deliver “high power linearity” and perform optimally while monitoring at any level. And, built-in overload protection is designed to enhance system reliability for the long-term.

New Pro3 monitors are currently priced at $2,994/pair and are now shipping. Go here for more specifics.

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