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OCA Alliance Presenting At AES 2022 & The SMPTE Media Technology Summit

Jeff Berryman of Bosch Communication Systems will focus on AES70 control for IP media at the AES Convention in New York followed by a more general discussion of networking and control at SMPTE Summit in Los Angeles.

The OCA Alliance has announced it will be making presentations at the upcoming 2022 AES Convention in New York following by the SMPTE Media Technology Summit in Los Angeles, represented by Bosch Communication Systems senior scientist Jeff Berryman at both events.

At AES, Berryman will deliver a presentation on AES70 control for IP media, specifically focusing on devices that summarize the AES70 control architecture for media devices and describing new features in the standard’s upcoming release. He will also introduce available AES70 developer tools and information resources for implementers, most of which are free.

The session will take place in the AIMS Media-over-IP Pavilion theatre on the main AES show floor and is scheduled for Wednesday October 19 at 3:30 pm and Thursday October 20 at 12:30 pm.

The presentation at the SMPTE Media Technology Summit in Hollywood is a more general discussion of audio networking and control applications in today’s production environment. The presentation will cover media network standards as they apply to production environments, with particular focus on the relevant AES standards: AES67 for audio streaming, and AES70 for device control and connection management. As part of a joint presentation with Brian Vessa from Sony Pictures Entertainment and Leigh Whitcombe, Berryman will present an overview of the role of media networking protocols in a production context followed by a more targeted presentation of AES70 as an industrial-strength device control solution. The full session will take place on Thursday October 27th at 10:00am.

“AES70 is a full-featured control and monitoring architecture for both real and virtual (i.e. cloud-based) media devices. Currently focused on audio device control and monitoring, AES70 is not itself an audio transport scheme but is designed to cooperate with and complement modern audio transport schemes such as AES67, SMPTE ST 2110-30, Dante and MILAN,” explains Berryman. “AES70 is in fact a fully engineered design intended for professional media systems. It is lightweight to implement, yet suitable for critical applications of all scales from tiny to huge. AES70 and its toolset are a ready-to-use solution for industrial-strength control and monitoring of network-based media processing hardware and software.

“However, as media control is a less well documented subject than audio transport, it’s vitally important to take advantage of the opportunities offered by conventions such as the AES and the SMPTE Media Technology Summit to educate a wider public.”

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ProSoundWeb's AES 2022 Coverage

Sponsored By RCF | Booth #232