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OB Provider Global Production – EMG Italy Adds Riedel Bolero

Deployed as either a stand-alone wireless intercom or integrated with the trucks' existing Riedel Artist infrastructure in two trucks in company’s fleet of outside broadcast vans.

Riedel Communications announced that Italian broadcast services provider Global Production – EMG Italy has added two Bolero wireless intercom systems to its workflow in serving as a production outsourcing partner that supports content producers of international sports events that include Super Bike World Championship (SBK), live events, entertainment, TV and fiction programs, music, and shows throughout Europe.

“With the Bolero systems in place, we get easy multichannel communication, maximum clarity, and lots of applications over the venue — all qualities that our previous wireless intercom solutions lacked,” says Renato Mancini, Chief Technology Officer at Global Production – EMG Italy. “In every application, whether in the OB van or in the studio, Bolero has never failed us. Plus, we couldn’t ask for a better customer support experience.”

The production company has deployed Bolero in OB-6 and OB-8, two trucks in its fleet of outside broadcast vans known as The Float. Production teams use Bolero either as a stand-alone wireless intercom system or integrated with the trucks’ existing Riedel Artist infrastructure.

“Because Bolero is truly a plug-and-play solution with no IP configuration needed, Global Production – EMG Italy’s teams can configure it quickly and easily via a web GUI internal to the antennas,” concludes Giuseppe Angilello, Sales Manager Italy for Riedel. “This speeds up the workflow — an important factor in fast-paced live production environments — and Bolero’s high level of durability and reasonable battery and RF license costs save money for the company too.”

Riedel Communications
Global Production – EMG Italy

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