NUGEN Audio Releases New Paragon 3D-Compatible Convolution Reverb Plugin

Designed to provide full control of decay, room size and brightness via re-synthesis modeled on 3D recordings of real spaces.
The new Paragon 3D-compatible convolution reverb plugin from NUGEN Audio.

NUGEN Audio announces the latest addition to its software lineup – Paragon — a 3D-compatible convolution reverb plugin designed to provide full control of decay, room size and brightness via re-synthesis modeled on 3D recordings of real spaces.

Paragon is also engineered to offer a very high level of tweak-ability with zero time-stretching to eliminate artifacts. Further, it supplies spectral analysis and precision EQ of the Impulse Responses (IR).

The new plgin reverb operates in up to 7.1.2 channels of audio, making it well-suited for surround applications, including Dolby Atmos bed tracks. Further, it hass individually configurable crosstalk per channel, technology for re-synthesis of authentic IRs, high-pass and low-pass filtering per channel, and switchable LFE.

“Different from any other convolution reverb on the market, NUGEN Audio’s Paragon reverb plugin has been our best-kept secret, and we’re excited to now unveil it to the world,” says Paul Tapper, CEO, NUGEN Audio. “With Paragon, gone are the days of enormous IR libraries. This technology not only enables users to reduce the sheer volume of recordings, it also encourages a greater level of creativity. We’re grateful to all of our developers and beta testers who helped make this possible and look forward to hearing feedback from the industry.”

Using technology developed alongside the University of York’s Dr. Jez Wells, 3D Impulse Responses are analyzed, decomposed and re-synthesized to create new and unique spaces. This is intended to ensure a small digital footprint for the IR library and makes it possible to configure limitless combinations of spaces with just a few adjustments to the settings.

The IR panel also enables users to make changes to the frequency response of real spaces by EQ’ing the reverb model and altering the frequency-dependent decay rate. Paragon does not use static IR, which provides a wider scope to transparently transform the sound of a space.

The crosstalk feature is intended to foster a sense of liveliness and interaction between channels, and allows users to produce surround reverb from mono or stereo sources. It also offers the control and flexibility to determine how reverb from each channel interacts with another, which can be useful for dialog intelligibility.

In addition to its Atmos application, Paragon is suited to creating immersive reverb in mono, stereo and surround formats, as well as for recreating authentic sounds of real spaces and manipulating IRs while still maintaining true convolution characteristics.

NUGEN Audio Paragon is currently available for $599 USD (+tax). Go here for more specifics.


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