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NUGEN Audio Announces Executive Promotions

Charles Blessing named chief executive officer and Sophie Guest takes the role of chief marketing officer, with company co-founder Dr. Paul Tapper stepping back from his position as CEO to focus on his new immersive gaming brand.
NUGEN Audio has named Charles Blessing as CEO and Sophie Guest as CMO.

NUGEN Audio has announced the promotions of team members Charles Blessing as chief executive officer (CEO) and Sophie Guest as chief marketing officer (CMO), with company co-founder Dr. Paul Tapper stepping back from his position as CEO to focus on his new immersive gaming brand, Fruity Systems.

Tapper will continue to serve as a director and chief financial officer (CFO) for NUGEN Audio, while Guest is joining Blessing and Tapper on the company’s board of directors.

“I co-founded NUGEN Audio in 2004 with the goal of changing the world of audio,” says Tapper. “I am honored to have been able to lead this brand for so many years, and I am excited to move into my new role with NUGEN, and to continue to serve the company as a Director. I know that NUGEN is in capable hands, and that Charles will work tirelessly as CEO to continue to evolve our creative and technological advancements. I also applaud Sophie for her devotion to NUGEN, and I am certain she will develop new and exciting ways to present our solutions to the industry.”

Blessing, who previously served as the brand’s chief technology officer (CTO), first joined the company as a software engineer in 2013. Prior to that, with a degree in Computer Science and Maths from the University of York, he held several programmer and engineer positions with Team17 Software.

“I value quality over quantity and at NUGEN Audio we invest in our people to ensure that we can deliver just that,”Blessing says. “We’re here to serve our customers by developing and delivering the products they require to run successful and effective businesses themselves. Additionally, I am part of an already successful team and I know that it’s always important to invest in those around you to ensure that the customer gets the best experience.”

Meanwhile, Guest first joined NUGEN Audio in 2018 as creative marketing manager and most recently served as marketing director. She’s a graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University, from which she holds a degree in Hospitality and Events Management. After pivoting from her initial career path, Guest held various sales, marketing and promotions positions before coming to NUGEN Audio.

“I love figuring out what makes the team tick, and I am not averse to adventure and experimenting with marketing strategies,” she says. “I have a passion for getting to the ‘why’ of everything, and I aim to drive NUGEN forward, while also inspiring and learning from others, and making people smile along the way.”

Blessing’s previous role as CTO will be filled after the start of the year by NUGEN Audio senior software engineer Patxi Monedero.


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