New TOLIS Group BRU PE Offers Solid Archiving Solution For Music, Film & Graphics

The new TOLIS Group BRU Producer’s Edition (PE) offers music, film, and graphic arts industry professionals are afforded a reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use solution to protect key creative digital assets.

“The term ‘disparate’ is an understatement that describes the way artist’s creative works are currently being archived and submitted for commercial production,” said Tim Jones, president and CTO of TOLIS Group. “Conforming with the archival and deliverables workflow described in the NARAS standards document, PE allows simplified capture of DAW and LNE-based suite of tools information such as: Sonic Studio, Logic, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, and others in a standards compliant manner.”

Group One, Ltd. is the exclusive U.S. distributor for BRU PE. “This product finally address a vastly overlooked problem,” said Group One VP/Partner Chris Fichera. “Protecting and preserving one’s creative output makes financial sense considering the amount of time and money spent. Group One is one of the few distribution networks whose network, credibility and expertise could introduce this product to the market.”

BRU PE Specs & Highlights
• Ease-of-use and reliability recording engineers/users will appreciate.
• Drag-and-drop volumes, folders, or session files from major applications for intuitive backup operations into Producer’s Edition.
• Create two (2) tape copies of the same data simultaneously (Doubler Archival Mode) – thereby eliminating the need to perform two discrete backup operations for local and archival or deliverable asset copies.
• Tape Library Support up to two (2) drives and 24 slots.
• Engineers/Users can choose to create a single archive element containing all assigned components on one set of backup tapes, multiple archives containing one or multiple components on a single set of backup tapes, or multiple tapes with one or multiple components per tape.
• Specifically designed to create session archives.
• Binary & PPC or Intel processor compliant.

BRU PE is multi-processor and multi-core aware and compatible, and while already exceptionally low in overhead, takes advantage of these processing technologies to even further enhance the backup and restore throughput performance.

Recording engineers and operators can simply drag-and-drop session files, volumes, or folders into the PE environment for easy creation of the archives. Applications currently supported by this functionality include: Sonic Studio, Logic, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, and select others.

Out-of-the-box, Producer’s Edition supports all tape technology and no special drivers are required-PE will support the tape technology you are currently using or are moving toward. Additionally, the multithreaded design used in Producer’s Edition unleashes the performance of the most modern tape drives.

BRU PE provides controls that define how the archives are placed on the backup media to suit your needs. You can single-drop multiple sources into BRU PE to create single or multiple tapes or archives.

Additionally, BRU PE’s flexibility offers the ability to create on-site/off-site archival tape copies simultaneously. This capability eliminates the need to perform two separate backup operations and reduces the potential of human error.

“I have been using the TOLIS Group’s backup application, BRU, for about four years and find the new version, BRU PE, to be spectacular,” said Toby Scott, Engineer & Archive Catalog Administration (Thrill Hill Recording; Bruce Springsteen).

“I hope that this application becomes well known throughout the entertainment industry and any other business field needing verified backup and archival of digital information,” continues Scott. “BRU is already approved by the NARAS organization for archival and delivery of audio files and I believe that it should become the standard for the industry. The company has been around for over 25 years and a glance at their client list is an indication of the stability of the company and the products.”

BRU PE is now available for download and purchase. To download a full functionality demo, or view BRU PE video tutorials, go to

Group One Website
TOLIS Website

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