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New SysTune V1.2 Real-Time Audio Measurement Software Now Available

AFMG, the Germany-based pro-audio software developer, is releasing the new version of SysTune – Version 1.2—on Tuesday, May 1. The update is free for the community of existing SysTune users.

SysTunev1.2 is highlighted by a new plug-in called Delay Analysis. From a set of captured individual measurements, SysTune automatically calculates optimal delay times between mains and subs or between main and delay loudspeakers, giving precise information on polarity and predicted overall system performance.

“Never before has it been easier to solve the polarity question and find the correct delay time for your system,” states Stefan Feistel, physicist and managing director of AFMG. “You can save about 70 percent of time on measurements by one quick calculation using our new Delay Analysis plug-in.”

SysTune v1.2 also offers a web interface for mobile devices for viewing and control of live measurements from anywhere within reach of a WiFi access point.
Sound technicians, system integrators and loudspeaker developers will also benefit from the full integration of SysTune v1.2 and the recently released AUBION X.8, in particular the gain compensation feature allows the user to make gain adjustments without losing calibration.\

Screen shot of SysTune Delay Analysis. (click to enlarge)

AFMG will be celebrating the release of SysTune 1.2 on Facebook. The company invites users to visit and become a “fan” and enter in a lottery drawing. Users can also share information and post photos of their gigs, setups and so on.

In the past, SysTune has been sold in so-called dual licenses. Technicians have frequently inquired about the possibility to acquire only a single license at a reduced price. The release of SysTune 1.2, AFMG complies with this wish. Existing users will retain the full number of licenses they own.

Another look at SysTune Delay Analysis. (click to enlarge)

In addition to the reduced entry level prices, AFMG grants a 10 percent discount on any two licenses even of different programs purchased simultaneously.

SysTune 1.2, Single License—400 EUR (approx. $525 USD)
SysTune Pro 1.2, Single License —650 EUR (approx. $850 USD)
Upgrade SysTune to SysTune Pro—300 EUR (approx. $395 USD)
(Prices do not include VAT. Discounts cannot be accumulated.)

All software can be purchased directly at the AFMG online store.

Go here for more specific information about new SysTune v1.2.


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