New SymNet Designer 9.1 Adds FIR Filter Functionality, Improved WAN, Additional Features

SymNet has announced the latest release of its CAD-style design software, SymNet Designer 9.1, which adds (FIR) Finite Impulse Response filter functionality and improved (WAN) Wide Area Network functionality.

Compatible with all contemporary Windows operating systems, SymNet Designer 9.1 may be downloaded free of charge from the SymNet Designer product page at

The new software adds FIR filters to the SymNet DSP toolbox. FIR filters are useful because they do not alter the phase relationships among frequencies, making them ideal for use in crossovers and other phase-sensitive applications.

The potential drawback to FIR filters is that they are computationally demanding, a drawback that is mitigated in SymNet with generous processing power. SymNet Designer 9.1 allows users to import coefficients from comma separated (.csv) data files, as provided, for example, by loudspeaker manufacturers.

In addition, support for controlling SymNet units over WANs has been improved. Using a unique port number for each device, multiple units can now be accessed from a single external IP address.

“SymNet continues to stay on top of the leading trends in the industry,” said Paul Roberts, Director of Sales and Marketing at Symetrix. “All of the top loudspeaker manufacturers are now developing FIR filter coefficients for their products.

“We are pleased, not just to offer powerful FIR filters that can take advantage of this development, but also, to allow easy import of the coefficients, saving integrators time and greatly reducing the chance of an entry error. In addition, users will now find SymNet products even easier to address across WANs.”

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