New Surface Mount CM Series Loudspeakers Join Pioneer Pro Audio Line-Up

Three new IP54-rated surface-mount loudspeakers joined by new subwoofer - available in black or white - designed for discreet installation in a variety of spaces.
The new models in the CM Series from Pioneer Pro Audio.

Pioneer Pro Audio has announced the expansion of its Commercial Monitor (CM) Series of loudspeakers, including the new IP54-rated 4-inch CM-S54T, 6-inch CM-S56T and 8-inch CM-S58T surface-mount loudspeakers joined by the 10-inch CM-510ST subwoofer.

Available in black or white, the new models are designed for discreet installation in a variety of spaces as well as some outdoor applications. They can be controlled by Powersoft’s recently released ArmoníaPlus 2.0 software that can eliminate the need for an external matrix and reduce the number of cable runs in many applications. This control is also offered via a mobile app.

The full-range models all incorporate a newly developed 1-inch soft dome tweeter optimized for delivery of short-throw high-frequency output with higher definition. warm bass with the newly developed Vortex Bass Accelerator. Further, a new bass-reflex port has been constructed with ribs that are designed to help ensure that air flows without distortion to maximize low-frequency performance and eliminate unwanted vibrations. Built-in transformer taps provide flexible impedance options, including 70/100-volt operation.

The CM-S54T has stated dispersion of 120 x 120 degrees, CM-S56T is 110 x 110 degrees, and CM-S58T is 100 x 100 degrees. They’re housed in plastic enclosures designed for durability and also include a protective terminal cover. The included U bracket for mouting has rigid notches inside that are designed to make it easier to adjust direction of the sound. Users can adjust directivity by hand and, for extra security, fix with an Allen key or screwdriver. The enclosures also include 60 mm pitched holes on the rear that offer added mounting flexibility.

The CM-510ST subwoofer employs the company’s proprietary Kelton method designed to filter out unwanted mid and high-range frequencies. It also includes the new Vortex Bass Accelerator technology. An impedance of 8 ohms gives high and low impedance options. M8 holes in the enclosure are designed to offer added mouting options.

Go here for more specifics on the new CM Series models.

Pioneer Pro Audio

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