New Studer Vista V4.1 Software Enables I/O Sharing And DAW Control

Studer Vista consoles are now equipped with STUDER RELINK (Resource Linking), the company’s new scalable and flexible audio resource sharing system that integrates tightly with Pro Tools, Pyramix, Logic Pro and many more audio workstations.

The new V4.1 release of software for the Studer Vista series of digital consoles adds source and target sharing over a network of Studer consoles. Vista consoles are now able to use inputs and outputs from any other console in the RELINK-network, and control and process those signals as though they were directly connected to the desk.

Unlike some other systems, this facility is not restricted to one type of mixer, but can operate between Vista 5, Vista 6, Vista 7, Vista 8, OnAir 3000 and OnAir 2500 consoles, with the added advantage of being able to centralize all the audio through the Studer Route 6000 audio routing system.

Audio interconnects may use MADI, AES, ADAT, analog or even HDLink connections, using Studer’s SCore Live and D21m I/O system components. No additional hardware is required to complete a simple one-step I/O sharing system, as control is passed over TCP/IP between consoles. Mic take-over is seamless and resilient, ideal for demanding and flexible multi room facilities.

The second major enhancement to the Vista software is the ability to interface with the major DAW systems available on the market. Many DAW functions can now be directly controlled on the console, where innovative operating concepts such as StripSetup and Ganging bring DAW integration to a new level and greatly enhance the production workflow. 

No additional hardware is required and connection is made through a simple Ethernet link rather than multiple MIDI cables typically found in other systems.

Existing Studer Vista customers can easily upgrade to V4.1 by contacting their local Studer Distributor for more information.

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