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New Sports Complex At California College Outfitted With L-Acoustics

Streamline Integration installs system fronted by K2 loudspeakers at Saddleback College's new sports facilities in Mission Viejo.
Saddleback College stadium’s new Daktronics endzone scoreboard is flanked by twin arrays of five L-Acoustics K2 enclosures installed by Streamline Integration

Saddleback College Rides High With L-AcousticsA new sports complex at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA that’s home to the school’s football, soccer, track, and other teams, is equipped with sound reinforcement headed by L-Acoustics K2 loudspeakers in a project installed by Los Angeles-based Streamline Integration.

Saddleback College Sports Complex’s new gridiron is surrounded by a nine-lane running track and seating for up to 8,000 spectators. The site also has two turf football practice fields, a turf soccer field, thrower’s park, concessions stand, modern press box, multiple meeting and event rooms, and integrated Wi-Fi. As for audiovisual facilities, a Daktronics endzone scoreboard is now flanked to the left and right sides by twin arrays of five K2 enclosures powered by L-Acoustics LA8 amplified controllers.

PCL & Morrow-Meadows, the project’s general contractor, called upon Streamline Integration to design all audio facilities for the new complex following a previous successful collaboration for the Los Angeles Football Club. The Saddleback project marked the first time that Streamline had installed L-Acoustics, and Vice President Paul Mason says that it proved to be a positive experience.

“We had initially planned to use another brand of speakers for Saddleback’s endzone scoreboard system but determined early on that it would not adequately fill the stadium and additional speakers would be required,” Mason says. “An alternate solution was needed and, thankfully, Dave Kuhner and Dan Palmer from L-Acoustics stepped in at the right time. They were instrumental in helping us every step of the way, including the design, engineering, and documentation comparing our initial design to L-Acoustics so that the client could see we were providing them with the right solution.”

One of K2’ benefits for this outdoor project was its full bandwidth range that reaches down to 35 Hz. “Even without a subwoofer, the stadium has plenty of low-end bass response,” notes Mason. “And the sound fidelity and impact with this system are amazing. Directly following the tuning, we walked the stadium and found that there was complete coverage throughout, just like Soundvision had predicted. It sounds incredible.”

Saddleback College Technology Services and Broadcast Systems Director Dr. Anthony Maciel backs up Mason’s enthusiasm for the new sports complex’s loudspeaker system. “K2 is a great sounding speaker that packs a lot of punch on the bass,” Maciel notes. “It delivers a very unified sound on the field, and you can clearly hear all the highs and lows. It also has excellent coverage throughout the stadium; there are no empty spots.”

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