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The new K-array Mugello KH3P I line arrays flying left and right at Rose Hill Church in Baton Rouge.

New Sanctuary Of Rose Hill Church In Louisiana Outfitted With K-array

System for 1,000 capacity facility in Baton Rouge marks the first deployment of Mugello KH3P I line arrays in the U.S. in a project by RC1 Productions.

Rose Hill Church in Baton Rouge, LA recently relocated to a 46,000-square-foot facility to accommodate its growing congregation, and after extensive renovations, the new sanctuary has 50-foot vaulted ceilings and can seat up to 1,000 guests with sound reinforcement delivered by K-array loudspeakers in a project by RC1 Productions.

The system project, which took place over the course of three months, was spearheaded by Rick Camp, the owner of Nevada-based RC1 Productions who’s also a veteran front of house and recording engineer known in the music industry for his work with artists such as Madonna, Earth, Wind & Fire, Beyoncé, The Temptations, Dr. Dre, and many more. RC1 Productions, along with the team from K-array USA, handled the installation and design of the new system.

“The KH3 double 12-inch Mugello line arrays were perfect for this space,” Camp says. “With their slim profile and electronic beam steering capabilities, we were able to rig the speakers to a 20-foot custom wooden beam and still maintain clear, even coverage throughout the entire sanctuary.”

Specifically, the new system is comprised of eight Mugello KH3P I line array loudspeakers and six KS5 I Thunder subwoofers powered by two KA208 Kommander amplifiers. For front fill, six Kayman KY52 loudspeakers were installed on the lip of the stage. The installation is the first to utilize Mugello KH3P I arrays in the U.S.

Camp tuned the system and provided training to the church’s technical director, Eric Johnson, and pastor Danny Donaldson. The sanctuary’s electrical system also underwent a complete overhaul to meet current safety standards and power the new sound reinforcement system.

In addition to K-array, Rose Hill Church has also partnered with Shure as an endorsed user of its latest ULXD wireless microphone technology. The system has 15 wireless vocal mics, including a dedicated headset and handheld mic for the pastor, as well as 15 channels of wireless microphones for the choir and other vocalists. Two SSL L200 mixing consoles provide audio mixing and control.

The new sanctuary is also equipped with a 40-foot video screen upstage and two 10-foot wide by 6-foot tall side screens. Advanced moving lights enhance the visual experience.

“We really wanted to invest in the best audio and visual tools to take our services to the next level,” says pastor Danny Donaldson. “The combination of the K-array Mugello KH3P I system, the video walls, and the Shure wireless mics has transformed the way our congregation experiences worship.”


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