New PreSonus Ampire High Density Pack Adds State Space Modeled Amps & More To Ampire Plugin

Also offers three new impulse-response-based cabinet models chosen to complement each amp as well as six unique stompbox effects.
PreSonus Ampire High Density Pack Gazoline EMC2.

PreSonus has released the Ampire High Density Pack, the first add-on for Ampire, the company’s amp modeling and effects plugin, and it includes a collection of three State Space Modeled amps and six unique stompbox effects suited for guitarists.

Also included are three new impulse-response-based cabinet models chosen to complement each amp. State Space Modeling is a mathematical method of transferring each component of an analog circuit into the digital domain while maintaining the unique sonic characteristics of the original hardware.

The new amp models include: the Metal Machine +, a high-gain British tube amp with 120 watts of power across two channels; Painapple #4, an all-tube British amp with a three-band EQ and four stages of high gain; and the Gazoline EMC2, a German amp with two channels and a three-way mode switch.

The six new State Space Modeled pedal effects are compatible with both Ampire and Pedalboard plugins and include Blue EQ, a 10-band graphic EQ; Wildrive, an overdrive to create heavy, crunchy tones and harmonics; Dual Comp, a British rarity with a cult following among bassists around the globe; Space Reverb, a boutique classic with a unique “shimmer” for guitarists and Ambient synths; Pitch Shifter, popular for its dramatic “dive bomb” effect; and Demolition Drive, an overdrive for extended low range players.

Ampire High Density Pack is compatible with the latest generation Ampire plugin included in Studio One 5.1.1 or later, as well as the VST3/AU/AAX edition, and is available for a U.S. street price of $39.95 from the PreSonus Shop at PreSonus Sphere members receive Ampire High Density Pack as part of their membership.

In addition to this new Add-on, PreSonus Sphere members also get access to exclusive presets and FX chains from Steve Stine, Sparkles* (Area 11), and Paddy (NASTY!) through PreSonus Sphere’s Featured Artist portal.

Go here for more specifics on the new Ampire High Density Pack.


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