New Novation Automap v3.4 Feature Exapnded Library For Logic, Reason and Pro Tools

The latest update to Novation’s MIDI-control application, Automap v3.4, has been released, offering dozens of new mappings for plug-ins and instruments, as well as firmware updates for Novation keyboards and controllers.

When developing Automap v3.4, Novation focused on expanding Automap’s on-board library of mappings (collections of assignments that tie knobs, faders and buttons of Novation hardware to software parameters) for Logic, Reason and Pro Tools.

To acheive this, the mappings system was fully rebuild to allow thousands of new mappings across the Novation product range.

Now, Logic, Reason and Pro Tools are ‘fully mapped’ (although Logic’s Sculpture and Ultrabeat have inherent limitations). This means all plug-ins and software instruments that ship with the applications now have bespoke Automap mappings for immediate, hands-on access to the most sensible parameters in plug-ins and music software.

Another big part of the v3.4 revision is the inclusion of firmware updates for Novation’s Remote SL, Zero SL, SL Compact, SL MkII and Nocturn Keyboard. These updates transfer through the Automap user interface, with helpful on-screen directions guiding users through the updating process.

To download the latest version of Automap, go to

Novation Website

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