New Massenburg MDWEQ6-AAX Plugin Now Available

Offers new features that include HiQ Lo and Hi Shelves on each band, an EQ display that corresponds to PT's EQ Curve Display on the mixer window, and more.
Screenshot of the new Massenburg MDWEQ6-AAX plugin.

The new Massenburg DesignWorks MDWEQ6-AAX DSP & Native high-resolution parametric EQ plugin offers new features intended to make equalization more succinct and effective.

Version 6, which continues to offer AAX DSP and AAX Native 32/64-bit format support, is available on the Avid website for $299. An upgrade from V5 is available on the new MDW website for $99, including the new interface and added features. Both Native and DSP/AAX are available together at this new price.

According to Avid, version 6 delivers an updated interface and new functionality including:
• HiQ Lo and Hi Shelves on each band
• EQ display corresponds to PT’s EQ Curve Display on the mixer window
• Spectrum Display and real time Analyzer Resolution
• New 18 dB/octave and 24 dB/octave high- and low-pass filters on Band One

This new generation plugin emulates the constant shape (i.e., reciprocal) filter curves of the parametric EQ of Massenburg’s GML 8200 equalizer.

Massenburg DesignWorks

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