New Lake Controller v.6.3.1 Available For Download (Video)

Lab.gruppen and Lake have announced that the latest version of the Lake Controller—Version 6.3.1—is now available for download from the Lab.gruppen website.

The latest version offers a number of improvements and added functionality for the end user, including the introduction of Auto RPM and the Custom RPM in conjunction with Lab.gruppen’s new CAFE configuration software.

Some of the features in Lake Controller v.6.3.1 include:

• Full implementation of Auto RPM and Custom RPM mode in PLM+ & D Series (RPM now also works with Bridge Mode).
• It is now possible to select if ‘PostEQ’ channel should include Input Delay or not for all Aux channels in LP2way+1aux, CL2way+1aux and CL3way+1aux.
• Support for improved LoadPilot. The impedance analysis of pilot tone impedances are more accurate and the measurable impedance range has been extended upwards (see CAFE Release notes for more details).
• A significant amount of bug fixes and stability improvements (see Resolved Issues section in release notes for more details).
• Default PEQ filters removed from PEQ page.
• OEM Products are now supported in the public Lake releases (Virtual files, Updater, Preset Manager).
• Operation Manual now available for download on the website.

View the video for an exclusive preview on How To Configure Auto RPM:

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