New K-array Blueline Series Launches With Introduction Of KB1 Compact Loudspeaker

Powered line array system with 12-inch subwoofer and eight 3-inch drivers

Sennheiser announces the launch of the Blueline Series of loudspeakers from its distributed brand K-array.

The first product to be launched as part of the K-array Blueline series is the KB1: an ultra-slim, powered line array system featuring a 12-inch subwoofer and eight 3-inch drivers. Weighing in at 44 pounds and including a carrying case, the “plug-and-play” KB1 is for a wide range of portable applications.

The KB1 offers standard connections and straightforward controls, or, for advanced control and customization of system, users can connect a PC via an integrated USB connector.

By using the K-array presets or by creating new ones, users can tailor their system for a specific use.

The KB1 also includes on-board digital processors and a digital four input mixer so users can modify input levels, EQ parameters, add multi-effects, and compress and regulate output channels.


30 Hz – 20 KHz, 119 dB continuous – 125 dB peak

90 degrees (horizontal) x 10 to 60 degrees (vertical, digitally controlled)

DSP controlled, 200 Hz

Mixer Audio Input
2 x balanced XLR + 6.3 mm Jack (CH1 and CH2)2 x 6.3 mm Jack + 2 x unbalanced RCA (CH3 and CH4)

Mixer Audio Output
1 x XLR CH1 parallel output
1 x XLR (Right / D.I. output)1 x 6.3 mm Jack (Headphone out)1 x 4-pin Speakon (2-channel power out to mid-high)

Remote control Input
1 x USB

Power Input
1 x IEC power plug

1 module, class D – DSP controlled 120 W x 2 channels (240 watt total – power to mid high)450 W (power to sub)Dynamic limiter, over current, over temp, short circuits

AC power
85 – 132 Vac 50 Hz (Auto-switching) 170 – 264 Vac 60 Hz (Auto-switching)
2 A / 115 Vac – 1 A / 230 Vac 660 W / 120ms max

Sennheiser USA

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