New Expert Series Article “What It Takes To Design Clean And Safe Power” Now Available As Free Download

Let’s start with the source of hums and buzzes in a system. Is the power line generally the source?

Chapter 2 of 4 in the Radial Expert Series on Power & Conditioning, entitled “What It Takes To Design Clean And Safe Power” is now available for free download (below).

Bill Whitlock, former President and Chief Engineer of Jensen Transformers Inc., has had decades of experience in keeping signals clean for audio transformers and power conditioners. He has written the book on solving ground loops and interference in many AES publications. Now he has taken the lead in designing the Radial Power Series. Recently, we got the chance to discuss some common audio issues and how Radial Power can make your system sound its best.

The Expert Series on Power & Conditioning is presented by Radial Power and features top authors from ProSoundWeb, Live Sound International magazine, and around the industry.

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