New Expert Series Article “Power Surges: How To Protect Your Gear” Now Available As Free Download

Internal factors include overloaded outlets, old and overused extension cords, faulty wiring, or the presence of high-power electrical devices on the grid.

Chapter 1 of 4 in the Radial Expert Series on Power & Conditioning, entitled “Power Surges: How To Protect Your Gear” is now available for free download (below).

The release of the Power-1 is Radial’s first step into the world of rackmount power supplies and surge suppressors. But what exactly will this product line have to offer? On top of clean power, noise filtering, and added tidiness for your studio and stage setups, Radial Power units provide much-needed protection from power surges.

The Expert Series on Power & Conditioning is presented by Radial Power and features top authors from ProSoundWeb, Live Sound International magazine, and around the industry.

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