New Dual Wireless Microphone Receiver Cards Available For Galaxy Audio Traveler Portable Systems

With addition of card, up to four wireless mics can be used with a single Traveler portable PA

The new TV-DREC and TV5-DREC from Galaxy Audio are dual receiver cards that can be added to the company’s Traveler portable PA systems, facilitating the use of two additional UHF wireless microphones.

Traveler systems already come with an onboard dual wireless receiver that works with two UHF wireless mics, so the addition of a TV-DREC and TV5-DREC card doubles that capacity, meaning that four UHF wireless mics can be used with a single Traveler.

Each receiver card is outfitted with two volume controls (one for each receiver), as well as 96 selectable frequencies. Also included are channel selector, RF and AF indicator, volume control, and LCD display.

The new cards are designed for easy after-market installation. The TV-DREC card is for Traveler TV8 & TV10 models, while the TV5-DREC is for Traveler TV5i & TV5X models.

Both cards have street pricing that starts at $229.99.

Galaxy Audio

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