New DcSoundOp Video: Checking Out The New Sound Bullet Cable Tester

Provides options and a fresh approach to some common tasks many of us run into daily.
The new Sound Bullet cable tester.

Carrying cable testers can be frustrating, especially when the functionality you really need isn’t included in most of them. Being able to generate and monitor signals on the go is really the functionality I use most, with cable testing only being relevant if it is faster than swapping the cable out on the fly.

A common solution is the SoundTools Sniffer/Sender for quick testing and verification of the most common cables (XLR & NL-4) paired with a Whirlwind Qbox for monitoring the audio coming down a line. This also allows you to generate tone and inspect signals easily, using headphones. They are both incredibly popular tools with functionality that the new Sound Bullet is not designed to replace. What it gives us is options and a fresh approach to some common tasks we run into daily.

Where it falls short for me of being the ultimate tool, is the ability to test cables quickly when the ends are at a distance. It’s the feature I use most besides signal monitoring on jobs and is a huge reason why the Sniffer/Sender is so useful. Sound Bullet creator David Scorteccia told me he would like to explore the possibility of making it compatible with the Sniffer/Sender in the future, but currently it is not. More to come on that when I send this Sound Bullet to a friend for a closer look.

For folks who use every feature of their Qbox, again you may find the simplicity a welcome addition to your tool belt, rather then a replacement for the Qbox outright. For my needs, the rechargeable battery and smaller size of the Sound Bullet means it will be more likely to be charged up and on my belt when I need it. Being able to quickly test direct boxes properly is a huge addition to anyone’s kit and probably worth buying for that alone. Ultimately though, it’s a product made by a fellow technician that feels like something modern that’s been built just for us.

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