New Clear-Com FreeSpeak Edge Digital Wireless Intercom Now Shipping

New system offers audio-over-IP AES67 connectivity, a 5 GHz chipset optimized for intercom, and the company's RF technology based on OFDM.
New FreeSpeak Edge wireless intercom components from Clear-Com.

Clear-Com has announced that the new FreeSpeak Edge digital wireless intercom system is now shipping, following field tests and final engineering testing.

FreeSpeak Edge is the result of extensive feedback from existing FreeSpeak II users and as well as field tests across applications that include sports stadiums, live events, military installations and broadcast facilities. The company states that final testing efforts resulted in an IP54 rating for the beltpack, meaning that it is designed to withstand harsh production environments.

FreeSpeak Edge offers audio-over-IP AES67 connectivity, a 5 GHz chipset with a proprietary radio stack development optimized for intercom, and exclusive RF technology from Clear-Com based on OFDM. The 5 GHz band is can be helpful with large-scale communications because it can be managed with frequency coordination for reduced interference while offering a wide range of RF channels. The company states that during a field test at a professional sports stadium, it was found that the RF reflections extended the range of the beltpacks.

The band’s higher frequencies also can mean there is more bandwidth for data that can help in providing finer control, additional audio channels, lower latency and better audio quality. FreeSpeak Edge can be combined with FreeSpeak II 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz systems, supporting three wireless bands across a unified communications system. (The company offers more information about the 5 GHz band here.)

“We’re thrilled that FreeSpeak Edge is now available to our partners and end-users,” says Craig Fredrickson, senior product manager, Clear-Com. “There’s truly nothing like it on the market, and we can’t wait to see the new and exciting ways that it’s put to use.”