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New Church Sound University Online Training Now Available: Absolute Essentials of System Gain Structure

The gain structure of a system is a vital consideration for overall sound quality. Which components are amplifying or reducing the signal – and by how much? Learn key principles and more.

Church Sound University (CSU) online training, which mirrors the popular in-person training program that focuses on the essentials of worship audio, has just added a new “Absolute Essentials of System Grain Structure” course led by instructor Michael Lawrence that’s now available here.

The concept of gain structure: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Every audio system is comprised of a series of components, and when multiple pieces of electronic audio equipment are used together, the gain structure of the system is a vital consideration for overall sound quality. Which components are amplifying or reducing the signal – and by how much?

This 200-level course, comprised of eight lessons, covers the essential practices for optimizing gain structure in every audio system. The lessons build upon one another in a logical manner, making this often-complex topic more easily understood – and most importantly – more easily put into practice.

Michael Lawrence is a Smaart instructor and application support specialist for Rational Acoustics. He’s also an independent front of house engineer and system tech, and serves as the technical editor of various pro audio publications.

“Optimized gain structure is the lynchpin of an effective and well behaved sound system, regardless of scope or scale,” says Lawrence. “This course is designed to equip students with a few key principles that will allow them to make their own informed decisions about proper gain structure in the field.”

Each lesson segment is followed by a brief quiz to test knowledge of the key points of what’s been covered to help ensure the essentials are understood. The audience can review any lesson again, as many times as they like, to make sure they have a firm understanding before moving along.

Cost for the course is $69. CSU is offering a $20 discount to folks using promo code “SAVE-20” for a limited time. It’s the perfect opportunity to check out the new 200-level course at a reduced cost. In addition, CSU offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee and unlimited access to the course. Go here to find out more and purchase, and here to learn about the full CSU online training program.

Please contact Julie Clark at [email protected] with questions.

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