New Carl Tatz Design MixRoom Opens In Utah Mountains

Songwriter Monty Powell (Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum) and his wife, jazz artist Anna Wilson, called on Carl Tatz Design for a third time when they decided to add a studio to their Northern Utah mountain home. The new studio, named “Crane Song,” again utilizes the CTD MixRoom turnkey technology concept, featuring the PhantomFocus System (PFS) enhancing a pair of vintage Tannoy concentric monitors. 

“This is the third studio that Carl Tatz Design has designed and built for us. All of them have been centered on the amazing PFS system, which has become irreplaceable for me in a mix environment,” states Powell. “Each studio has only gotten better as Carl continues to hone his craft and lead the industry by a wide margin with his custom acoustic designs, his proprietary products and monitoring set ups, right down to the chair you sit in [PhantomFocus eChair, available soon]. Carl’s work inevitably leaves his clients in a space that is more accurate, less fatiguing and always ergonomically pleasing to work in.”

The MixRoom features a custom application of the Carl Tatz Signature Series acoustic modules by Auralex, along with the CTD Acoustic Lens modules.

Carl Tatz comments, “Over the years I have been very fortunate to have been called upon by several of my clients to design multiple studios as they either expand or move to new locations. Crane Song is an evolution of the previous two rooms we designed and built for Monty and Anna. Each time, our evolving technology has allowed us to refine the performance of previous efforts. I wish everyone could experience this beautiful room.”

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