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New Audient ASP8024|HE Console Serves As Valuable Teaching Tool At University Centre Weston In England

Students manage entire implementation process from uncrating through developing user guide.

A new Audient ASP8024|HE console at University Centre Weston (UCW) in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England has proven to be a valuable teaching tool from the moment it arrived, enlisting the help of students to manage the installation process — from its uncrating, right through the testing process, to putting together a guide for other users.

Lee Sullivan, HE Music Curriculum coordinator explains, “Several of our year three BA (Hons) Professional Music Performance and Production students worked with our technician Pete West to install and test the ASP8024|HE. This involved them completely stripping out our previous install, re-thinking the studio configuration and setting to work soldering up and testing all cables and looms.

“They also used the opportunity to completely redefine our patchbay configuration,” Sullivan continues. “They did really well and everything was up and running in three days. This included testing all tie-lines and fixing some wiring issues we’d had for a few years.

“Once installed, they thoroughly tested the console, got familiar with operating the HE (console), and wrote a quick-start guide for our other students to refer to. Not only did they learn a lot from the process, but the experience is one they can now take forward when securing work in a studio or configuring their own studios,” he adds.

Due to the timing of the Audient desk’s arrival — part-way through the academic year — it was important to come to grips with it as quickly as possible so that the students could progress with their studio production portfolios. “As soon as the console was up and running we couldn’t keep our students off it,” Sullivan state. “We held a full-day console familiarity workshop to get the students up to speed, which was also part delivered by the same students who installed the console.”

He concludes: “We love the sound of the console, the no-nonsense layout, ease of use. It’s perfect for demonstrating desk architecture and signal flow/routing, etc. We went for the DLC option and this works really providing just the right level of control in and out of the box. The build quality is awesome and it’s reassuring to know that Audient are UK based and just a phone call away if we do have any issues.”

University Centre Weston

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