New At 2010 InfoComm: Atlas Power Stream APS-6RMIP Providing Web-Enabled Power Control & Monitoring

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Atlas Sound has announced the new APS-6RMIP Power Stream IP control/monitoring system that allows design flexibility to meet most installation requirements for AC power distribution, equipment power conditioning, surge suppression and event on/off scheduling with the convenience of system monitoring and remote adjustment over IP.

This 12-stage control port device, which will be on display at the 2010 InfoComm show at the Atlas booth (N702), can be programmed to perform a variety of sequencing or scheduled event on/off functions, and each ASP-6RMIP has independent voltage, current, and fault monitoring for up to six AC mains.

The APS-6RMIP adds an intuitive software interface for sequencing control and system monitoring of voltage and current. It quickly detects and logs anomalies with user set alarms to be viewed online. Networked units may also be configured to email alarm information to authorized personnel.

Up to three APS-6RMIP units may be interconnected to provide as many as 36 programmable control ports for sequence triggering of Atlas Power’s Electrical Controlled Modules (ECMs). 

A variety of 15 and 20 amp ECM modules are available with spike suppression, RF & EMI filtering, and monitoring that can be placed up to 1000 ft away from the controller.

In addition to six dedicated ECM module control ports, the Power Stream APS-6RMIP features six independently programmable 6A relay contacts that can be used for a variety of functions such as loudspeaker zone switching, equipment activation and environmental condition control.

Other features include front panel dual LCD power meters, front and rear XLR connectors for LED gooseneck lamp (AP-GNL18), and multiple system status indicators.

System sequence activation can be initiated from the internet, a front panel momentary switch, remote ECS-KSW6 key switch, contact closure, DC voltage or external third party control.

The ECS-KSW6 can be placed up to 1000 ft away from the APS-6RMIP and will also indicate if an ECM is activated or if a fault condition has occurred on any of the six channels.

“Following the immediate and continued success of the ECS-6RM sequencer last year, the APS-6RMIP shares a number of the installation tested features with the added benefit of software based control,” said Steve Young, VP of Sales and Marketing for Atlas.

“Adjusting sequential steps shouldn’t always require a site visit, and, perhaps even more importantly, network controlled voltage and current monitoring allows for immediate detection of system faults and failures.”


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