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Nashville Engineer/Producer Kyle Manner Chooses Vanguard V1S+LOLLI Pair

Chief engineer of Stations West Studios utilizes matched pair as both large and small diaphragm workhorses in a variety of applications.
Chief engineer of Stations West Studios in Nashville, Kyle Manner

As chief engineer of Stations West Studios in Nashville, Kyle Manner stays pretty busy. When you’re servicing clients like Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley, there is never a dull moment, “…life has been crazy,” says Manner.

Lately, Manner been focusing on artist development projects for publishing, major labels and artist management. Demo projects are a great opportunity for engineers to experiment with gear in ways they might not when working with established artists.

Such was the case a few months ago when Manner received a pair of Vanguard Audio Labs’ V1S + LOLLI microphone systems. The V1 is a FET pencil condenser microphone that comes with four interchangeable 22mm capsules (cardioid, wide-cardioid, hyper-cardioid and omni). Also available as an option for the V1 is the LOLLI multi-pattern large-diaphragm capsule head.

“I love my V1S+LOLLI pair. I needed a pair of utility LDCs (large-diaphragm condenser) and when I tried these out I found that they’re not your typical ‘utility mics’ that sound good on most sound sources, but they sounded great on everything I mic’d, which included male and female vocals, piano, drums, percussion, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, violin, even as room mics.”

The LOLLI houses an extra-large 34mm edge-terminated, gold-sputtered 3µm Mylar dual-capsule assembly which is custom-voiced with a proprietary hand-tuning process. Open-weave mesh, a carefully radiused interior, and precision-machined venting prevent standing reflections and allow for an open-air voicing, an attribute not lost on Manner.

“Lots of detail with nice smooth mid-range and top, not harsh, and good lows and lower mids without getting muddy or boomy. As a bonus, they’re also a really great pair of SDCs (small-diaphragm condenser), two mics in one.”

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