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Musician Sean Austin Gets A Hand From Aviom Monitor Mixing System For New CD

Rock artist Sean Austin was recently able to maximize his sound and musical vision during the recording of his latest CD, Different Kind of Real, by using an Aviom Pro16 monitor mixing system.

In laying down the tracks for his six new pop/alternative songs, five of which he co-wrote, Austin turned to New Jersey-based Sphere Recording Studio and its Sound Engineer/Producer PJ Bianco. In the studio, Austin and his band, comprised of Kevin Hunter on lead guitar, Ze Grey on bass and Matt Graff on drums, used a cue system that included several Aviom A-16II Personal Mixers.

Using the Personal Mixers, each band member was able to customize his monitor mix and save and recall up to 16 custom mixes as presets while tracking.

“The Aviom personal mixers came in very handy,” says Austin. “As an artist, there’s a certain sound that you strive to achieve. Having the ability to save a template of my music through the Aviom system’s programming capability allowed me to secure that sound, relieving me from having to reinvent the wheel.

“Thanks to Aviom, studio sessions were a breeze. My band and I were able to stay in key and keep in sync throughout the entire process, which proved to be cost effective in terms of studio time.”

Austin enjoyed the opportunity to work with his close friend and music engineer and producer, PJ Bianco, who helped discover the Jonas Brothers. Austin says, “PJ and I really complement one another when it comes to music. While he uses his expertise as a producer and engineer in capturing the true essence of my songs, he encourages my perspective and the sounds I am looking for.”

Austin, who launched his first solo album in 1994, is no stranger to the music industry. “I took a break from recording for a few years to focus on performing and to gain real-life experiences that I could convey through my music,” says Austin.

“Music has always been something that I have been passionate about, and it is the real life stories in music that I relate to and am moved by the most. My goal is to pass that experience along to my fans so they can inherit the gift of the listening experience that I have been given. It is important that one doesn’t just hear music but that they relate to it and are inspired by it.”

Austin describes his album as a bit of Pearl Jam meets Dave Matthews meets Goo Goo Dolls meets Our Lady of Peace. Different Kind of Real is expected to hit iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and CD Baby by mid-December 2008.

In gearing up for his forthcoming shows, Austin is turning to NYC-based Swap Management, who Austin says, “has developed and groomed him as a performer and is helping to promote him as an artist.”

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