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MULANN Launches Recording The Masters Analog Tape Brand

New brand of professional recording, mixing, mastering and archiving media expands market in the United States, Europe and other territories.

MULANN Group announces “Recording The Masters” a new brand and identity for its AUDIO professional activities. Creating a new visual identity for the audio products with a new logo reflects MULANN’s commitment to professional audio recording and strengthens its presence on the worldwide music, archive and instrumentation markets.

“MULANN owns the original formulas of analog recording, some of which date back to 1950, created by AGFA and BASF. These magnetic formulas deliver a very high sensitivity and dynamic sound quality. They also offer the capabilities to store data for several decades, far beyond what digital and optical media offer today,“says Jean-Luc Renou, MULANN CEO.

Oriented to professional and semi-professional recording, mixing, mastering and archiving, MULANN is expanding its position in this market in the United States, Europe and other territories.

With the introduction of this new brand, MULANN products speak directly to both the professional sector and to audiophiles. The analog recording tapes created by AGFA,  BASF then EMTEC, are now manufactured by MULANN group under the brand “Recording The Masters”. This new visual identity energizes the market searching for sound authenticity, sustainability and the original technical qualities of audio recording developed in the mid-twentieth century and never equaled over the years.

“The visual brand identity “Recording The Masters” is radically new,” explains Renou, “This new brand identity is dynamic, modern and it indicates that analog recording is active more than ever. Its technology values offer a future and an important role to capture, transmit and store audio tracks and sounds for the long term. The analog recording flame shines even brighter for an everlasting light.”


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