MSE Audio SoundTube STNet Pendant Speakers Now Shipping

Dante-enabled, PoE pendant loudspeakers are available worldwide.
Applications for STNet pendants include any facility with high or open ceilings

MSE Audio has announced that SoundTube STNet IP-enabled pendant speakers are now shipping to dealers and distributors worldwide.

The IPD-RS62-EZ and IPD-RS82-EZ, both with Dante capability, use SoundTube’s BroadBeam Ring high-frequency dispersion technology to distribute intelligible messaging and music over a wide area, even off-axis from the speakers.

The high-power IPD-HP82-EZ uses a BroadBeam HP compression driver with waveguide for use in rooms with extra high ceilings. Applications for STNet pendant loudspeakers include any facility with high or open ceilings, such as large retail stores, houses of worship, schools, hotels, meeting spaces, bars, and restaurants.

SoundTube’s STNet bi-amped pendant loudspeakers, which receive signal and power via standard Cat5 cable, can also be used with SoundTube’s ST-Net Switch, offering up to 40 watts PoE to each speaker, or with standard PoE or PoE+ switches. Crossover, time correction and EQ are handled via DSP in the digital domain. Because the loudspeakers are equipped with Dante, they have the added advantage of being inter-operable with a host of other products worldwide.

All speakers are available in a black or white with a paintable finish. Hanging hardware is included.

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