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MSE Audio Partners With Attero Tech On Packaged Integrated System

SoundTube Entertainment IPD-Hub2 and remote volume controlpPlate paired with Attero Tech Axiom audio wall plate and Axon C1 zone control.

MSE Audio has announced a joined initiative with Attero Tech to package Axiom audio wall plates and the Axon C1 zone control wall pllate with SoundTube Entertainment’s IPD-Hub2 and remote volume control plate.

The IPD-Hub2 is designed to bring IP-based, PoE technology to the commercial projects, offering an alternative to traditional audio distribution systems. The IPD-Hub 2 utilizes (Audinate) Dante infrastructure and Attero Tech unIFY software to provide advanced performance monitoring and EQ/DSP control to individual loudspeakers in the system from any computer with a network connection.

Designed for restaurants, retail establishments and educational installations, the IPD-Hub2 offers a native Axiom port, allowing installers to add the Attero Tech Axiom wall plates to create local inputs to the Dante network. The IPD-Hub2 setup and control is supported in Attero Tech’s unIFY software to enable a single control application for all SoundTube Entertainment and Attero Tech products in the system.

“SoundTube Entertainment’s partnership with Attero Tech creates a scalable, Dante-enabled system at a competitive price point,” said Michael Sipe, vice president of U.S. sales for MSE Audio. “In designing this system with Attero Tech, our goal was to create a functional, simple-to-use experience targeted towards restaurants, retail and education. We look forward to working with Attero Tech’s network of dealers, as well as our own network of SoundTube Entertainment dealers, to provide them with a cost-effective solution fit to their needs.”

The IPD-Hub2 amplifier is the heart of a networked audio system with local and Dante-inputs for simplified network control. Designed to provide a complete IP-based system at a price point comparable to traditional 8-ohm systems, the IPD-Hub 2 has 2-channel DSP amplification with a multitude of power options, including PoE, PoE+, 40-watt PoE and 24-volt option for local power supply.

Attero Tech’s Axiom offers a single-gang audio wall plate with audio network inputs through a proprietary Axiom bus. The Axiom ML1 provides a 3.5 mm input, summed to mono; an XLR input; and volume knobs. The Axiom USB1 is a plug-and-play USB audio I/O solution.

In addition, the Attero Tech Axon C1 is a IP-based control solution for networked AV systems enclosed in a single-gang Decora in-wall design with an OLED display and rotary encoder. Paired with Attero Tech’s unIFY Control Panel software, the C1’s menu structure provides application-specific menu customization and offers a simple control solution for functions such as volume/mute control and preset recall.

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