Morton Microphone Systems Introduces KickTone Bass Drum Microphone

Morton Microphone Systems has introduced KickTone, a new low-impedance (8 ohms) kick drum microphone designed to capture and reproduce frequencies from the sub and low range to the upper mid range (20 Hz – 5 kHz). It will be on display at the upcoming NAMM show in Anaheim at booth 2464.

KickTone offers a cardioid, dynamic design with a specially manufactured hemp diaphragm, measuring 5.25 inches in diameter, that is both stiff and light weight.

“Hemp was chosen due to its resonant characteristics,” explains Terry Morton, president of Morton Microphone Systems. “It’s naturally durable so it can withstand high SPL, and it’s also resilient, making it a great component to pass the tonal signature to the transducer. And, hemp has excellent high end rejection because of the damping nature of the paper.”

Further, the transducer’s magnet incorporates neodymium, the powerful rare earth metal, which reduces size and weight while enhancing performance properties. Stated sensitivity of the mic is 87 dB SPL at 2.83-volt input, measured at 1 meter.

KickTone is compact, measuring 6.5 inches in diameter by 4.5 in depth and weighing 1.3 pounds. At this size and weight, it can be easily mounted over the cutout hole in a bass drum’s resonant head, with venting in the housing facilitating the free flow of air.

Convenient mounting is achieved with a proprietary slide bracket that mates with an adhesive-backed Rez Ring adaptor that is installed over the cutout hole.

KickTone also mounts to drums with a Kickport plastic toning device, with a slide bracket made to fit the Kickport outer flange, providing both secure mounting and also optimum positioning to take advantage of the Kickport’s tonal enhancement.

In addition, the slide bracket on KickTone is equipped with a threaded 1/4-inch hole that allows for a gooseneck attachment with a standard mic clip to extend another mic into the resonant chamber, in order to capture the higher frequency attack transient of the beater. If a second mic is desired when using the Kickport, a Rez Clip accessory is also available.




Morton Microphone Systems

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