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Morris Of Nashville Named Integration Partner For d&b audiotechnik

Company brings more than 30 years of experience with professional audio, video and lighting for live events, tours and fixed installations throughout North America.

Morris of Nashville announces its new status as an official integration partner for d&b audiotechnik.

The partnership shows d&b audiotechnik’s recognition of Morris as an integration company with a high level of expertise at a time when the loudspeaker manufacturer is working to strengthen its integration partner network across North America by identifying and working with leading design-build integration firms.

“From the earliest days of d&b to present, we have always sought to collaborate with companies who share our passion for quality and our innovative spirit. With their rich history and the culture they have created with a truly inspired team, we could not be more pleased with this opportunity to partner with Morris,” says d&b audiotechnik US sales manager William Cornell.

The relationship between the two companies is traditionally strong, with Morris initially entering the d&b audiotechnik family with a substantial investment purchase of over 500 pieces of d&b audiotechnik equipment for its live events and touring division. The choice as integration partner was based firmly on Morris’ technical expertise and the company’s history of high-quality successful d&b audiotechnik design and installation projects which sets Morris apart in the eyes of d&b. 

Morris CEO, Danny Rosenbalm, agrees. “Because of our boutique business model and intense focus on quality, Morris and d&b audiotechnik naturally align,” he says. “At Morris, we aim to create true system solutions that work cohesively to create incredible live experiences, which is a goal that we share with the entire d&b audiotechnik team.”

Through the partnership, which takes place with immediate effect, Morris now has access to the highest levels of d&b audiotechnik support and to cutting edge d&b audiotechnik technology and releases. 

The news is very good for customers of Morris who will now have access to the full range of d&b audiotechnik premium products, including tour-quality products for permanent installation. “This is a rare distinction which is not available to all installation companies,” says Rosenbalm. “It means Morris is now singularly placed to serve integration clients with very specific needs and specifications, far more efficiently than companies that can only sell the product.”

As official integration partner for d&b audiotechnik, the Morris team believes in, and is well-versed in, the d&b product line – from system design to commissioning. They extend an invitation to all for a demonstration of the full d&b product line in the Morris warehouse and offices, and will be showing the d&b products at their roadshow events throughout the southeast. 

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