Morongo Casino Resort Tribal Council Chamber Outfitted Wiith Sennheiser Microphones

The new administrative complex at the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa in California, one of the largest tribal gaming facilities in the nation, incorporates a wide range of A/V technology to facilitate productive meetings, including Sennheiser wired and wireless microphones.

Neil Shaw of Menlo Scientific Acoustics, Inc., of Topanga, California, designed the A/V system, and Daryl Ballou of Muzak Systems Division, in Fort Mill, South Carolina, installed it. Each of the twelve individuals at the dais has a microphone and a monitor speaker. The chairman, clerk and the presenter have an AMX touch Screen for system control.

Lectrosonics DSP with AMX touch screen control manages a mix-minus system and other A/V devices for the dais and audience video displays. Renkus-Heinz IC16 DSP-controlled line arrays provide audio coverage for the audience.

Wired Sennheiser microphones populate the dais for the seven members of the Morongo Casino Resort Tribal Council as well as five additional staff members, while wireless Sennheiser microphones rove through the audience area.

Specificallly, the system includes twelve high-quality Sennheiser ME 35 electret-condenser capsules for Sennheiser MZH 3015 goosenecks on the dais.

“Apart from the natural clarity of their transducers, Sennheiser ME 35 capsules were ideal because their super-cardioid pickup pattern maximized gain-before-feedback,” explained Ballou. “Those microphones, together with the overall integrity of the rest of the system, make for ideal sound reinforcement. It’s easy to forget a sound system is involved at all!”

Six wireless Sennheiser ew 135 G2 handheld microphones, with paired RF receivers, allow multiple presenters the freedom to move about the front of the room and the audience. It also allows for multiple audience microphones to be distributed so that it takes only a moment to get a microphone to someone with a question or comment.

A Sennheiser AC2 RF antenna combiner solidifies reception.

“A lot of companies make RF products, and my usual cynical joke is that RF stands for ‘rarely functioning’,” notes Ballou. “But Sennheiser’s equipment stands above the rest, with the sort of reliability that the tribe can rely on to help make multi-million dollar decisions about their facility. They started out with four ew 135 G2s and ordered two more.

“Altogether, the system rivals those found in the city council rooms of the country’s biggest cities,” he continued. “In addition to the stellar audio system, the room contains a twenty-foot projection screen and beautiful décor. It’s state-of-the-art, top to bottom.”

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