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The new Animoog Z sound design, production and performance app from Moog Music.

Moog Music Releases New Animoog Z App For iOS & macOS

New polyphonic synthesizer, available for free download, designed to allow users to explore new concepts of multidimensional sound and performance.

Moog Music has announced the release of the new Animoog Z sound design, production and performance app — a transformation of the original Animoog app — that’s available for free download for both iOs and macOS devices in the App Store. (There’s also the option to upgrade in order to unlock the app’s full functionality for an introductory price of $9.99.)

Animoog Z is a 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer that’s designed to allow users to explore new concepts of multidimensional sound and performance. The app is powered by Moog’s Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE), which utilizes an orbit system to expand the concepts of wavetable and vector synthesis. The concept allows for dynamic navigation through the app’s X, Y, and Z axes.

Electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani states, “The interface is a hands-on dream. It’s alive with a vibrant spatial sound that blends in with my quadraphonic Buchla perfectly. I love its playability, being able to tune the scale and glide over the sensitive keyboard where any note brings awesome expression. A bass note can rouse a crowd—it couldn’t be more compact and roadworthy.”

To get started with Animoog Z, users select and drag the orbit path to create a virtually limitless sonic configurations as the patch travels through an array of timbres. The built-in configurable keyboard can be used to control pitch and pressure per voice (or send MIDI out), or connect an MPE controller to explore the app’s MPE-compliant sound engine.

Animoog Z’s library of timbres includes digital tones and spectral sources alongside analog waveforms captured from classic Moog oscillators (both vintage and modern), all run through high-end outboard and analog signal processors. These include modular synth circuits, Moog analog effects, and more. New to Animoog Z, the built-in Timbre Editor allows users to record and design custom timbres, turning any sound into a source for musical inspiration.

The three-dimensional Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE) allows users to move dynamically through the X, Y, and Z axes of unique timbres to help in creating an expressive and evolving soundscape. Sonic modulations are visualized in real time, providing a multisensory feedback mechanism.


Path Module: Direct the synth engine through Animoog Z’s X/Y/Z space to create exciting and shifting sounds.

Orbit Module: Independently control the rate of orbit in the X/Y/Z space to create interesting three-dimensional visual shapes for subtle to extreme voice manipulation.

Polyphonic Modulation: Take control of Animoog Z’s touch surface keyboard with configurable scales, key distances, pitch correction, and glide. Users slide their fingers to control multiple per-voice modulation parameters in Animoog Z right from the keys.

Polyphonic Pitch Shifting: Manipulate the pitch of each note in a chord by rotating or sliding fingers.

Base Frequency Offset: Alter Animoog Z’s 440 Hz base frequency by +/-10 Hz to tune up with non-traditional instruments or detuned samples, or to explore new vibrations.

ENV/LFO Page: Articulate dynamics with three independent six-stage DAHDSR envelopes for Amp, Filter, and Mod, each with loop and sync functionality. Give motion to sound with three independent LFOs offering continuously variable wave shapes, phase offset, delayed start, sync, and support for 1-8 repeats.

MOD Page: Modulation matrix with 10 lanes and a multitude of sources, controllers, and destinations, including global destinations like Delay and Thick. The Solo and Enable controls can be used to explore complex modulations layer by layer.

Effects Page: A collection of sound-altering and sound-augmenting effects, each with oscilloscope-style views of their output and impact.

Arpeggiator Module: Built-in arpeggiator with multiple patterns, octaves, time division, gate, and latch features for programmable syncopation and melodic motion.

Moog Filter Module: The classic four-pole Moog ladder filter with High Pass, Low Pass, and Band Pass modes.

Thick Module: Adds depth, edge, and character to Animoog Z’s sound palette.

Delay Module: Classic analog-style delay with echo and ping-pong settings.

Looper Module: Record a performance and overdub new layers or play along live. Transfer recordings between Animoog Z and other apps, email, and messenger.

Global BPM with Tap Tempo: Change tempo and sync multiple Animoog Z parameters to the beat.

Ableton Link Support: Stay in sync across devices with Ableton Link support.

Optimized Preset and Timbre Organization: Advanced preset and timbre browsing with groups and tagging, including sharing features and integration with iCloud drive for sharing across devices.

Typing, Shortcut, and Undo/Redo Support: Full control from a typing keyboard, including shortcuts and a menu system on macOS. Full undo/redo system on macOS through the menus and by shaking the device on iOS.

MIDI: Use a favorite MIDI controller to control Animoog Z (with full support for MPE input) or go MIDI out to use Animoog Z’s keyboard to control favorite instruments. Dive even deeper with Animoog Z’s MIDI CC mapping system offering MIDI Learn, multiple destinations for a single CC, and detailed control of which presets are loaded with program change.

Randomized Presets: The Random Preset function intelligently generates different values for all of Animoog Z’s sound engine parameters. It even makes up a name for the user.

This universal app is available for iPad, iPhone, Mac, as an AUv3, and through a VST wrapper for integration in all DAWs that support AUv2, AUv3, and VST3.

Again, the free download Animoog Z is available at the App Store.

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