Mojave Audio Unveils New Colors For Its Entire Microphone Range

Aesthetic updates designed make it easier for engineers to match microphones and applications, whether tube or solid-state, fixed or multi-pattern.
Mojave Audio Microphones
The new look of Mojave Audio microphones.

Mojave Audio has updated the aesthetics on its entire line of microphone models in order to provide a visual system for engineers to match individual microphones to their applications. The new color-coordinated variations — which offer different combinations of colored logomarks and head grilles — are also intended to refine the visual appeal of the mics.

“We couldn’t make them sound any better, so we made them look better,” says Dusty Wakeman, president of Mojave Audio. “The visual design of our microphones evolved organically over the years, but we soon realized that it was becoming difficult to tell our mics apart. Now, there are clear visual cues so the user knows whether he or she is working with a tube or a solid state microphone, for example. We haven’t changed anything inside.”

The vacuum tube condenser line-up — including models such as MA-200 and MA-300 — now have a classic red logo against a satin nickel finish, while the company’s solid state mics, such as the MA-50, MA-201fet and MA-301fet, now have a black logo.

In addition, polar patterns are now distinguished by either a matte head grille that corresponds to fixed cardioid pattern, or a chrome grille that corresponds to a multi-polar pattern design that can be changed by the user. Each microphone — including the MA-1000 signature series that has a 251-style capsule in classic Desert Sand — was designed by Technical GRAMMY–award winning microphone designer David Royer. The MA-50 is the only Mojave microphone that will retain the black exterior — but will now include a black head-grille.

“Musicians make music and songwriters write songs — it’s what they do,” Wakeman concludes. “And when they’re trapped at home, like they have been in recent months, they’re going to be especially prolific. We’ve talked to everyone from members of the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra to top session players, and all having to set up at home. Many of these folks are recording at home for the first time and reach out to us to acquire a high-quality microphone they can feel confident about.”

The company adds that the new aesthetic changes to the microphones will not affect pricing.

Mojave Audio

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