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Outline Architectural Series loudspeakers provide the required performance and low profile at Christ's Chapel of God's Gift in London.

Modern Audio For 400-Year-Old House Of Worship In London Headed By Outline

Designer About Sound and installer NoiseBoys equip Christ's Chapel of God's Gift with new system utilizing Architectural Series loudspeakers to meet intelligibility and aesthetic challenges.

Consecrated in 1619 by the Archbishop Of Canterbury, Christ’s Chapel of God’s Gift in southeast London. has recently been equipped with a new audio system designed by About Sound and installed by NoiseBoys Technologies that utilizes a range of Architectural Series products from Outline.

In common with many ancient sites of Christian worship in the UK, the chapel provides a number of challenges, chiefly its naturally reverberant internal layout that requires careful placement of loudspeakers with suitable dispersion characteristics to achieve the required intelligibility. In addition, the fabric of the Stuart-era building has to be respected in terms of how equipment is mounted and installed, and the aesthetics of the space as a place of worship demand that everything is as close to invisible as possible.

Cambridge-based About Sound’s design relies on Outline’s Ai81 and Ai41 loudspeakers powered by Powersoft amplifiers. “Only one AS6 sub was required with two Ai81s doing stereo L/R at the front, with a secondary pair of Ai81s for fills and 10 Ai41s for the aisles and balcony fills,” explains About Sound owner Matthew Dilley. “The amps are Powersoft Mezzo which already have the presets for the speakers, making commissioning easy. Also, because the horizontal dispersion is a little wider than some column speakers, we were able to mount a bit higher which offsets the proximity to the first pair of ears, so to speak, giving us a bit more consistency of level.”

“The Outline Ai series are a very welcome addition to our installation offering” adds Phill Beynon of NoiseBoys. “They are similar in size and appearance to some other brands’ models, but in tests we have found them to be of superior sound quality. The ability to very easily mount them through the front of the speaker, then hide all fixings with the magnetic grill is a great bit of attention to detail from Outline, so overall we’re really impressed.

“Installing in lots of historic buildings as we do, well-thought-through speakers like this make our job as installers much easier. We can hide them in places that other speakers and speaker brackets simply won’t fit and once they’re installed they’re invisible to most passers by, which is exactly how it should be.”

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