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Mixing and mastering engineer Stefano Pizzaia with the new Amphion monitors in his Bogota studio.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer Stefano Pizzaia Equips Studio With Amphion

Multiple Latin GRAMMY Award-winner deploys new One25A 3-way active studio monitors in his Bogota, Columbia home facility.

Multiple Latin GRAMMY Award-winning mixing and mastering engineer Stefano Pizzaia recently outfitted his home studio in Bogota, Columbia with a pair of new Amphion One25A 3-way active studio monitors — without first hearing a single note of music played through them.

About six years ago, Pizzaia bought a pair of Amphion One15 reference monitors for his studio in Bogota and had hoped to hear the One25A loudspeakers at a trade show, but the opportunity never arose. “So, I said to myself, ‘If I chose Amphion once and I made the right decision, without listening to the speakers at the time, I will do the same with the One25As,” he says. “Because I very much trust the brand.

“When I discovered Amphion it was a revelation, because they had everything that I have always liked from a speaker,” he continues. “They are passive with a closed design and I also like the crossover stage. Everything made a lot of sense to me. I like the relationship between the tweeter and the size of the driver in the One15s. And they are quick, because the driver is smaller, and faithfully represents fast transients.”

At first, he paired the One15s with an Amp100 power amplifier before transitioning to the Amp500 then the Amp700, which he still uses.

Pizzaia started out studying classical guitar in Italy, later playing electric guitar in various bands before furthering his interest in technology and electronics by switching his focus to audio engineering. For the past 12 years he has worked at Audiovision Studios in Bogota, one of Colombia’s top music production facilities, and also maintaining his own mixing and mastering studio.

Originally, he had a concentration on Colombian folk and jazz, but now works with artists across a range of modern music genres. Along the way he has picked up five Latin GRAMMY Awards and a dozen or more nominations, for projects by artists such as Carlos Vives, Andrés Cepeda and Jorge Celedón.

Most recently, Pizzaia has been working with artists in the pop, fusion and urban genres, music with a lot of samples and synthesizers, he says, and for the last couple of years he has been doing more mastering than mixing. “Especially with a lot of transient information in the low end you need a very quick, precise and responsive speaker,” he adds. “You can check some things in headphones, if you have a good pair of headphones, but it’s a very different experience to listening through a good monitoring system.

“That’s why I needed a more complete monitoring system, because I was feeling the necessity of a complete and extended response range from my speakers.” He reports that he had been thinking about trying Amphion’s Two18s, which Audiovision Studios also has, with a BaseTwo25 bass extension system. “But when Amphion came up with the One25As, I said, ‘That’s perfect,’ because it’s a one-piece solution.”

The One25A, the company’s first three-way active monitor that debuted in 2023, is similar to his One15s, he says, not least because they both use the same diameter woofer. “So it makes sense to transition from the One15s to the One25As. The One15s, One18s and the Two18s have more of a signature sound, especially in the mid-range. But the One25A is a different speaker. It has much more resolution. I very much hear resolution in the mid-range, the high end and in the low end. They’re very well balanced, so quick and deep. The One25A, I think, is more of a neutral, mastering-grade speaker. They have a very neutral, natural and beautiful sound, a very musical sound.”


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